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7 of the Best Dog Breeds for Living in the Country

1 BULL TERRIER A cross between the Old English Terrier and the Bulldog (because of its combats with bulls), the Bull Terrier’s color variety was produced by again crossing it with brindle Staffordshire. Once known for being a fierce gladiator, it talents now are herding, guarding, watchdog and ratter. Even a more-manageable size Miniature of

5 Of The Most Popular Dog Breeds In The World

1 BOUVIER des FLANDRES In the early 20th century, the working class in Belgium needed a dog that would be used by butchers, cattle owners, and farmers to work for them. During the First World War, the Bouvier des Flandres (meaning “cowherd from Flanders”) was used as a rescue and message-carrier dog. Somehow during this