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Samoyed Puppies Looking for a Loving Home

The Siberian fishermen and hunters are known as Samoyeds; hence, the dog that helped them and gave them company was also named the same. A working breed from the ancient times, the muscular and compact Samoyed was used as a herder (of reindeer), guard dog (of property) and sled puller. In 1889, explorer Robert Scott

Saluki Breed History

One of the oldest dogs for domestication, the Greyhound-like slim Saluki is named after an Arabian city of the same name (now non-existent). A relative of the Afghan Hound, it is said to have originated in the area stretching between Turkey and eastern Turkestan. It is also known as the “Persian Greyhound”, or the “Arabian

Rottweiler Puppies Some Cutest things

Known to have descended from the Italian Mastiff, the powerful, massive and muscular Rottweiler was bred in Rottweiler in Germany’s Wurttemberg, sometime in the Middle Age. During the 19th century when it was almost extinct, some Stuttgart breeders took the initiative to breed it again and it made a comeback in the early 1900s. Those

The 3 Best Dog Breeds Of All Time

1 Hungarian Puli Dog Very popular for its agile and light movement, the compact, hardy and medium sized Puli has square looks and is an all-weather breed. Its history states that it had reached Hungary thousands of years ago with the Magyars, and that its population had dropped drastically during the Second World War. Later,

Toy Poodles vs Miniature Poodles

Toy Poodles About Full Information In German, “Pudel” means “splash in water”. As such, the Poodle (Toy) was bred from smaller size selection. It is also great as a circus performer and can learn tricks very quickly. With a height of a maximum of 10 inches (females are about an inch or two shorter) and

Best Family Dogs

1 FIELD SPANIEL Used as a flusher and retriever of games from water and land, the great Field Spaniel (with a mild disposition) is a bird dog that had originated in England sometime in the 19th century. It is quite a rare breedas the Cocker Spaniel has gained popularity. Some of its talents lie in

5 Most British Dog Information

1 ENGLISH COCKER SPANIEL One of the oldest spaniels, the English Cocker Spaniel (“Cocker” comes from woodcock, a game bird that it is used to flushing) is of two types—(1) show and (2) field. It is a compact, medium-sized hunting-gun dog—it is master in flushing and retrieving game. It is multi-talented—watchdog, competitive obedience, agility and